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Are you tired of wasting money and your precious time on pay per click or free advertising that doesn't get any results for your business?

With an extensive database of businesses relating to residential and commercial housing industry of Canada. We are working on a website project which is unique of its own kind and ultimate medium to promote local home improvement businesses, certified and experienced workers.

At www.homescare.ca we strive to provide a portrait of Canadian housing industry as more than just the basic home needs for repairing and fixing general wear and tear . We believe Canadian home owners will use www.homescare.ca as a source of learning lots of new things about this industry along with discover certified, licenced and skilled service providers conveniently bundled with access and locations around the country.

  • Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Reviews and rating
  • Information on current housing market activities by field experts
  • Editorial Profiles
  • Photo Galleries with ideas
  • Free Property Listing for realtor and home owners
  • Virtual Tours for listed properties
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Online consultancy and price quotation
  • Event Happenings and much more... 

homescare.ca approach is unique in providing authentic service provider's information to the users. We firmly believe that the Canadian housing industry needs a website that is elegant, dynamic and simple to use. Unlike other directories, we will optimize our site as a search engine. This means if someone is looking for a certain type of workers in his area such as a "Electrician, Plumber or HVAC technician", every business that falls in this category will be located. This not only makes it simple for the end user, it delivers businesses that are much more relevant to the query as well.

homescare.ca team prides itself on its creativity. We are a diverse team of professionals and closely linked to the Canadian housing industry with an inside understanding of the unique marketing needs. Our graphic design is modern, sophisticated and clean. There is no unnecessary clutter or "information overload" which can be found on other sites. We also have a firm understanding of the power of editorial content and a firm grasp of modern culture combine to provide content unique in both look and depth.

homescare.ca does not charge businesses for a basic listing on our website. In fact, we encourage any and all businesses in the industry to provide us with the information necessary for a listing. We empathize with Canadian business owners, and understand the often-difficult economic position of the home- improvement services industry. If businesses wish to enhance their profile, we are happy to accommodate them at a modest price and take the load off your mind for marketing strategies.

We're here to show off the best side of Canadian housing industry to people across the country, in the best way we know!

Satisfaction Promise

We'll always connect you with the best find local home improvement business in your areas that meet your specific needs.